Our garage site offers ample parking and the resources to service vehicles of all sizes, from compact sports cars to warehouse trucks. In addition to the alignment machine, we have two lifts and employ mechanics to optimize the turnover rate for vehicles entering our garage.

Safety remains our top priority for employees at Sonny's Auto Repair. That's why a spacious complex is important, for the well-being of our workers as well as your vehicles.


It is important for a auto-service facility to always be prepared. That's why we go the distance to make sure Mighty Auto Parts and Snap-On tools, among other top-brand suppliers, keep us stocked with quality parts and tools.


From John Bean, one of the leaders in alignment technology, comes our state-of-the-art alignment machine, the Visualiner 3D. To us, this machine means accuracy and efficiency. To our customers, that means quality service in less time. We care about being updated with the latest technology and we're willing to invest in it to provide better service than competitors.

The alignment system is wired to a computer that produces live, three-dimensional modeling for a live-view of all alignment angles at all working lift heights. Color print-outs are produced to graphically show all alignment readings.

The vehicle rests upon a scissor-lift that lifts straight up and down for maximum space efficiency. There is also totally free undercar access between the runways so we can service other complications in your vehicle's performance.


In a fast-paced world we want to return your cars with utmost efficiency. We take advantage of the internet to its fullest potential, ordering parts on-line and subscribing to computerized auto-repair resources that are updated every month to ensure accurate diagnosis of your vehicle's problems.


ALLDATA is a quarterly-updated resource listing cars of all makes and models that have been around for the past few decades. CD-ROMs are mailed to our garage every few months to ensure we are provided with up-to-date information. Every vehicle that goes into our garage gets a comprehensive print-out of the diagrams and mechanics behind the problems of your vehicle. This provides us with essential information so we can provide only the necessary repairs to get your car back on the road.


The World-wide Parts and Accessories Corporation is another major supplier of parts. After your vehicle is diagnosed through the ALLDATA program, parts are ordered directly through WorldPAC via secure internet access. Orders for parts are placed more accurately to reduce the occurance of incorrect parts being delivered, which would only cost time when they need to be returned. WorldPAC has its own delivery network that delivers parts from a warehouse located in Northern Virginia, and runs a few times a day so that parts usually come on the same day they are ordered.